Reasons Why You Are Likely To Miss Your Flight—And What You Can Do About It

  • November 1, 2017
  • Corporate Coach & Limousine

Remember the old “Star Trek” TV show?  They had this cool teleporter where all you had to do was step into a glass cylinder and – poof! —you’d magically appear seconds later at a different location. How great would it be if you could do the same in your living room when you leave on a trip, and seconds later—poof! —you’re standing at Gate 21 at Logan Airport, ready to board your flight.

Unfortunately, that was all science fiction, and the “fiction” part pretty much sums up the possibility that you’re never going to be late for a scheduled flight. For example:

  • You could get lost on the way to the airport. Even with the most sophisticated GPS’, you can still get lost on the way to the airport, which you will discover next time that voice tells you to turn right, only to find a recently constructed building is now sitting where a street used to be. With all the sophisticated satellite equipment flying over our heads, how come it can’t see a street blocked off by a Verizon repair trucks? The last word you want to hear when you are running late to the airport is “recalculating.”
  • You get to the airport, and there are no parking spaces in the garage. So, you keep circling and circling, hoping that some driver just ran into Starbucks for a quick latte Grande to go and will come right back and vacate a space, but in your heart, you are pretty sure every single car’s owner is now on a plane to Europe for a week. And if you are lucky to find a space, better carry your GPS with you if you expect to locate the exit to the terminal—or find your way back to your vehicle (think of your GPS as high-tech bread crumbs).
  • You could use public transportation. When you choose to take public transit to the airport, you’ll find that things can still go wrong. For a bus, it could be heavy traffic. For a train, it could be the awkward moment when it suddenly decides to stop between stations for no apparent reason.
  • You could take a taxi. Fantastic idea, unless your taxi driver is a frustrated tour guide, and a trip that should take 20 minutes takes an hour. Note to self: if you get in a cab in Framingham heading for Logan, and you see a “Welcome to New Hampshire” sign, you better stop the cab and get out.

So, short of pitching a tent on the tarmac the night before, how can you eliminate Murphy’s Law occurring when it comes to getting to the airport on time?

The answer is simple, let someone else do all the heavy lifting.  Enlist a ground transportation company that can get you to the airport on time.   Valuable assets include knowledge of the best routes to take, high-tech software needed to cover all your bases.  These resources are only a tap on your phone screen away if there is even the slightest issue on schedule, and can adapt on the fly.

Flying can be stressful enough, getting to the flight shouldn’t be.