Our Team

Jeremy Hogan is Director of Operations at Corporate Coach & Limousine.

As Director of Operations, Jeremy oversees the daily operations of the company. This role includes maintaining high-quality customer service, as well as dispatch management. Jeremy also manages chauffeur recruitment and training, fleet maintenance and develops and maintains relationships with national and international partners.

Jeremy loves his job and makes it his goal to see that others feel the same way. Citing a famous quote from Steve Jobs, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do!” With this credo, he makes it his mission to ensure our employees happy with their jobs and in return ensure our customers remain happy.

Jeremy attended Lincoln Technical Institute-Lowell.  He enjoys spending time with his family. An avid hiker, he loves to exercise and travel in his free time.

Mark Obrien is the Lead Dispatch at Corporate Coach & Limousine.

As Lead Dispatch, Mark oversees all domestic and international reservations. This roll includes chauffeur management, fleet monitoring and reservation dispatch.

Mark goal is to ensure that each reservation is performed perfectly, pairing the right chauffeur and vehicle with the right client. He also manages chauffeur correspondence.

Mark loves what he does at Corporate Coach & Limousine.  A member of the United States Armed Forces and a Boston sports fan, he never likes to miss a Red Sox game.

Helene Carmany is the Lead Reservation Specialist at Corporate Coach & Limousine.

As the Lead Reservation Specialist, Helene oversees all incoming reservations. This role includes maintaining high-quality customer service, as well as reservation accuracy monitoring. Helene is in charge of developing and maintaining customer relationships.  She specializes in large group and corporate events.

Helene, the longest standing office member of Corporate Coach & Limousine, is dedicated to her position. She loves to spend her free time with her expansive family, and is a self-proclaimed culinary master.

Charlie Davis is the Director of Sales at Corporate Coach & Limousine.

As Director of Sales, Charlie oversees all international and domestic customer sales activity. This role includes communication with global event coordinators, event planners and travel agents. Charlie is dedicated to his customers and continues communication frequently. Charlie specializes in corporate sales and special events.

Charlie attended Suffolk University, graduating with a Bachelors in Business Administration. He enjoys spending weekends with his two children, and is an avid reader.

Brian Hogan is the founder and President of Corporate Coach & Limousine. With more than 20 years experience in the transportation industry, he has a proven track record of successful business development.