Don’t Let Winter Weather Alter Your Business Travel Plans

  • October 25, 2017
  • Corporate Coach & Limousine

Here are four sanity-saving tips that might come in handy while traveling this winter:

  1. Book flights wisely:
    Choose an early morning flight. That way if your flight gets canceled you have the entire rest of the day to find an alternative flight.
  2. A Must-Have Phone App:
    Download an app on your phone or tablet that displays a 7-Day Forecast. Trust me, if your business involves being in the air during the winter, having The Weather Channel app on your phone is far more important than your Fantasy Football app.
  3. The domino effect:
    Even though it’s 75 degrees when your flight lifts off at LAX in mid-January, chances are the weather will be a whole lot different when you land in Detroit. It’s this Jekyll & Hyde weather pattern that must keep you on your toes.  Weather that allows take off can soon become the weather that doesn’t let you land. Be aware of the weather in all the cities on your itinerary.  Make sure you get updated weather condition alerts on your phone, tablet or laptop.
  4. Allow for extra time:
    One of the best suggestions I can give is simply to give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. Sure, it might cost a little more money to book a flight the day before or an extra night in a hotel room.  This purchase is an investment worth taking weighed against the option of missing a meeting with a client to seal a game-changing deal.

Inclement weather will always threaten business travel. You’ll find yourself handling all the adversity thrown your way by being pro-active in preparing for difficult situations.